Wednesday, August 9, 2017

short story slam week 73

short story slam week 73
 zero below
negative produces an image
msn and microsoft words
all sing high on rory and pheobe
ann dell and lori webster
knowing rachel zhang and tom sell

a hot day
voice flying over
revealing and confirming
bruno wu and gu jianfeng
tang xian and gong li
a comedy of joseph clancy

rome and florence bay
amelia durr and eloise durr swim long
julie cohen and emily claudie could walk opposite direction
with james lankford and james inhofe looking
michael fitts and jay slee dance guan kun steps
janet and nicholas agree to calm down justin bu

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

continued story week 70, Beijing, Dallas, Chicago, Handan, and Wuxi

short story slam week 70, Football players and fathers day cheers 

 Image result for wuxi   

Image result for 应物会议中心   yingwu huiyi zhongxing, a research facility
where upgraded scholars does appplied math-physics research, we know Huang Daiwen,
Chou Handong, Chen Jing, Miao Changxin, Guo Bolin, and Wu Jiahong who have enjoyed, along with Peng Chuanhui and Tao Lizheng  应物会议中心
Image result for jin long tan hotel 

Image result for china academy of science  

Image result for han peng and zhang guangzhou  han pigong
Image result for zhang guangzhou 

Image result for  zhang guangzhou  zhang fangyou

some meetings is surprising
some people could be interesting:
old scores
new insights
fresh and novel poetry
brand and grand notable words

who cares?
who pays the price?
who is responsible for one's life records?
who works hard to improve?
who gives away freedom and academic awards

we know some, especially when we know them as Nine Headed Phoenix Birds,
Cheng Heng, Zen Shijie, Guan Xiansheng, Man Zhen, Yan Lixing,
Cheng Youju, Suo Feng, He Jinyuan, Zhou Huiju, Tu Jun, Fu Zhixiong,
Xu Xiaojing, Yan Zhenghua, Tong Xinwei, Jiao Jin, Liu Tao, Guo Bolin,
Jiu Quanshen, Yang Guoping, Wang Jiuzi, Carson James, Yuan Kong,

when it comes to united states of America, morgan chase, jerry funk, mike holder,
we quit our messy mind
around and beyond Jingshi, Jingshi Lin, Hong Zhuangyuan, Xin Jiulong, Jinlong Tan, Wo Mei jiujia

Image result for wei ming hu 
Image result for jiu quansen  jiu quanshen

Related image  wang xujia

Friday, June 9, 2017

short story slam week 70

short story slam week 70, Football players and fathers day cheers 

  Image result for 继承人 01丨Heirs 01(主演:刘恺威,蒋欣)  heirs movie, Jiang Xin, Liu Qiwei,

Image result for 继承人 01丨Heirs 01(主演:刘恺威,蒋欣)      
Tang Ning, lawyer, relavant to Tangye Group, Zhong / Tang

Image result for 继承人 01丨Heirs 01(主演:刘恺威,蒋欣)  

Image result for 汤业集团   tangye group
 of  law
Image result for james devinney law  James Devinney law firm

Image result for harvard law and ann blair     ann blair from Harvard Law School

June Light - Poem by Richard Wilbur

Your voice, with clear location of June days,
Called me outside the window.You were there,
Light yet composed, as in the just soft stare
Of uncontested summer all things raise
Plainly their seeming into seamless air.

Then your love looked as simple and entire
As that picked pear you tossed me, and your face
As legible as pearskin's fleck and trace,
Which promise always wine, by mottled fire
More fatal fleshed than ever human grace.

And your gay gift—Oh when I saw it fall
Into my hands, through all that naïve light,
It seemed as blessed with truth and new delight
As must have been the first great gift of all.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

short story slam week 69,

short story slam week 69, on Paisley Grovjaxiquzkerr Rodhamucrowfawnt, the piglet and her older brother Frank Snowflakes Shengbutow 

  Related image
On Humor, friendship, and siblinghood between 
Paisley Grovjaxiquzkerr Rodhamucrowfawnt, the piglet 
and her older brother
 Frank Snowflakes Shengbutow , the pooh bear,
in adition to 
Emily  Marysethjodi Dickinson, the Bunny,
and Amelia WilliamBurns Sanders, the Tigger,
hello, let us watch, listen, and hear what a budding child can do and say when she and he 
are set on Disney world, and get pushed to know Amelia Island, Abbey Wood apartments,
and Samson PLaza near New York Times Square....
it is about how to win
despite the circumstances,
how to pull out the tiger's den
when dangerous things fall upon us,
keep moving,
keep smileing!
love you, Paisley, Frank, Emily, and Amelia,
way to go, Alex, Joy, Mary, Connie, Tom, Gabe, Eric, Braxton, Taylor, Alison, Chloe, Barron,
Tiffany, Ric hard, Jack, Stephan, Kathleen, Sundai,. Anjali, Anne, Susan, Dennis, and James!

   张绿水  Zhang Lushui, Green water Chang, she is hot to
Emperor Yanshan Jun, (1476—1506年)

成吉思汗”(Genghis Khan) 

old lords
new blood
donald trum[
melania trump
barack obama
george bush

all names carry weight
Bill Gates and Michael Dell
Robert Noyce and Chuck Reed
reed, read, red, hong,
green, grin, genghis khan, white,
colorful and beautiful
it is the Wisdom that prevails