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55-A Frog Is A Frog


A frog is a frog,
A toad is a toad,
A frog loves a log,
A toad crawls on a road.
When a toad wants to be a frog,
He is daydreaming.
When a toad is disguised as a frog,
He is self-insulting.
Be yourself,
 Don’t lie!
Respect others,
Stop stirring up a fire.

Friday, November 22, 2013

What now, Mrs Winkle – flash fiction 28 Monday Oct 2013 Posted by Eric Alagan in Flash Fiction

When Mr Blanchard arrived for tea, he brought the rain with him. It made the late afternoon decidedly dark, prompting Mrs Winkle to switch on the lights.
“You do manage very well, Mrs Winkle.”
“If it were only true. I do have some casual help with the chores of living.” Mrs Winkle replaced her cup and saucer on the table.
A soft rustle and she said, “There you are, Rustam.” She scooped up her cat, which had wrapped itself around her feet. She held it nose to nose and said,
“He’s Persian you know, a gift from my late husband.”
“Yes, I know.”
Mrs Winkle snapped a look at Mr Blanchard and immediately averted her eyes. He had referred to her husband, of that, she was sure, and he had noticed her momentary lapse of composure, of that too she was convinced. She placed Rustam on her lap and stroked his velvety fur, her movements markedly slow, and measured.
The heavy patter of rain on the terracotta roof drowned the pregnant silence.
“I’m in a bit of a pickle here, but this dreadful matter regarding my killers -”
“Well, Mr Blanchard, you don’t really need my services now do you? You already know their identities. Furthermore, I dare propose, sir, you know that all of them came to unexplainable grief, except for my husband.”
A moment’s pause and Mr Blanchard, unruffled by the sudden change in tone and welcome said, “You’re as precise and thoughtful, as I remember you, Mrs Winkle.”
“And you’re a long way from home,” Mrs Winkle tensed as she spoke, “Count Vladimir Drakul.” She uttered the name one-at-a-time.
Rustam hissed and bared his teeth.
Mrs Winkle’s words had no purchase, for the Count’s attention washed over and gently explored her.
At length he spoke, his voice having turned gravelly, the sound of water poured from a pitcher, “Four decades I’ve waited. You look even more alluring, Mrs Winkle.”
His voice brought forth a concoction of memories and fears, and most of all it stirred a perplexing softness within her.
“Or would you prefer –,” he continued.
“Mrs Harker!” She looked away and swallowed hard. “Mrs Harker, thank you.”
“I prefer,” he paused as if wanting to savour her name as it escaped his lips, “Mina.”
She turned to face him and felt her resolve weaken. With great deliberation, the Count rose to his feet. He was not the grey and portly Mr Blanchard. Here stood a vital man – tall, dark and magnetic.
Rustam hopped off Mina’s lap and bolted into the shadows.

************ Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2013 ************
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McCormick Events: ‘You Will Have an Adventure’: Lecture Series Spotlights Medical, Robotics Startups




Mechanical engineer Ed Colgate, surgeon David Mahvi speak at second Farley Fellows Seminar

Oct 31, 2013
Entrepreneurship is a wild ride. Ed Colgate should know. 
As the cofounder of three robotics startups, Colgate has found himself in some stressful situations — like the time his robotic material handling device started malfunctioning at a trade show the night before attendees were set to arrive. Colgate and his team had to slip past security guards to get onto the trade show floor, then spent all night silently fixing the device while avoiding the guards.
“It’s a rollercoaster,” said Colgate, Allen K. and Johnnie Cordell Breed Senior Professor in Design at Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, “full of emotional highs and lows.”
Ed Colgate
Ed Colgate
Northwestern faculty members are sharing their entrepreneurship experiences with fellow faculty and students in a new set of talks, the Farley Fellows Seminar Series. Featured October 29 in the second of three lectures were Colgate and David Mahvi, James R. Hines Professor of Surgery and chief of the divisions of surgical oncology and gastrointestinal and endocrine surgery at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine.
Mahvi’s first startup was a learning experience, he said. His product — a probe that treated liver cancer with microwaves — was strong, but the team’s lack of knowledge cost them dearly: after selling their licensing rights, the company’s new owners sold the product to a major medical device manufacturer for $38 million.
“We didn’t know (intellectual property),” Mahvi recalled. “That’s the way life goes.”
Mahvi and his partners maintained more control in their second venture, Medical Engineering Innovations, a company that commercializes new technologies to fight liver cancer with new surgical tools and localized heat treatment. But the development process was slow and costly; after five years, the company is finally putting a product on the market.
While Mahvi’s first venture was not lucrative, there was some benefit to his inexperience: the product was on the market quickly and is now a standard of care. 
Naiveté — and the fresh perspective that comes with it — can be a blessing in disguise, he said, noting the success of two students startups he advises. Of course, newbies must seek expertise from professionals who know the field and which problems need solving. “If you have those two ingredients, you’re set,” Mahvi said.
David Mahvi
David Mahvi
Diversity is a tremendous asset in a new venture, added Colgate, cofounder of Cobotics, Kinea Design, and Tangible Haptics. Working with people you like is important, he said, but it is equally important to have partners who challenge you. “The joy of a startup is you come face to face with the world in all its complexities and all its nastiness,” he said.
Colgate also emphasized the importance of getting to know your product’s context — your customer base, their needs, and how your product is being used.
Finally, Colgate urged, enjoy the journey.
“You may or may not make $38 million,” he said. “You may or may not get your technology out into the world. But you will have an adventure.”
Colgate and Mahvi are Farley Fellows, entrepreneurship-minded faculty members who advise Northwestern’s Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, mentor students and other faculty, and lead by example. All fellows have companies or are involved in substantial entrepreneurial efforts.
The final Farley Fellows talk will be held at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 12. It will feature Chad Mirkin, George B. Rathmann Professor of Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, and (by courtesy) Chemical and Biological Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, and Milan Mrksich, Henry Wade Rogers Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, and Cell and Molecular Biology.

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English Homework Poem. Halloween Night © Manda

Trick-or-Treat is all you hear,
kid's running around yelling "look what I got!".
Ghost yell "Boo! I scared you!".
Teens scaring little kids by saying "They're gonna get you."

There's a full moon tonight,
The monsters come out and play.
Black cats and bats are all over in the night,
You better not cross through the grave yard today.

Pumpkins glowing thorough the night,
fog covering the glow of the moon.
Teens saying "they are very near."
And all kids get very scared.

Run run as fast as you can,
though the night.
Only seeing by the glow of the moon,
Hearing laughs of the cruel dead ghouls.

Doors shut,
parents say good night.
Now you just have to wait,
for next Halloween Night.

Monday, September 30, 2013

China Railway SIYUAN Survey and Design Group Co.,Ltd.: Keep up the excellence!, wuhan railway design #4

中 铁第四勘察设计院集团有限公司(简称铁四院)成立于1953年,总部设在湖北省武汉市,是国家大型综合性勘察设计单位。2003年从铁道部划转中国铁道建 筑总公司,2007年随总公司整体上市改制成为世界500强企业——中国铁建股份公司全资子公司。目前拥有工程技术人员4000多人,其中中国勘察设计大 师2名,高、中级专业技术人员2600余人,各类执业注册工程师700余人。
铁 四院具备国家首批工程设计综合甲级资质,拥有测绘、环境影响评价、水资源论证、水士保持设计、工程咨询、工程监理、工程造价等20余项甲级及专项资质。主 持了数十项国家、行业规范、标准编写。建院以来树立了路网规划、铁路枢纽、高标准铁路、复杂山区铁路、铁路站房、水底隧道、轻轨、地铁、桥梁、软基处理和 环境评价等为标志的设计品牌。持有国家A级设计信誉证书,并经国家对外经济贸易合作部批准,具有对外经营权。按照ISO9001、ISO14001环境和 GB/T28001建立管理体系,并通过审核认证。

铁 四院一直是中国铁路勘察设计的主力。半个世纪来,完成了58000公里铁路和20多个大型铁路枢纽的勘测设计任务,占建国后全国铁路建设勘察设计任务的 30%。近年来,在大规模、高标准铁路建设中,铁四院抢占技术制高点,先后设计建成合宁、合武、东南沿海铁路、武广、郑西、沪宁、昌九、沪杭、广珠、京 沪、广深港等10余条高标准铁路,占全国投入运营新建高铁里程的三分之二。在全国铁路“四纵四横”1.3万公里骨架网中,铁四院勘察设计或咨询的高速铁路 里程达到7780公里,占60%。
多 年来,铁四院本着“立足铁路,面向社会;立足国内,面向世界”的方针,不断拓展新的生产经营领域,已从单一的铁路勘测设计拓展到公路、地铁、轻轨、水底隧 道、市政工程、高层建筑、机场、港口、工程总包、工程监理等众多领域。作为国际工程咨询工程师联合会(FIDIC)团体会员,铁四院承担了多项境外工程的 设计咨询和施工监理等任务,先后与10多个国家和地区的知名设计咨询公司建立了合作关系,参与国内外工程建设咨询和投标。
铁 四院拥有工程测量、工程地质、水文地质、物理勘探、原位测试、经调、行车、规划、线路、桥梁、路基、站场、隧道、机务、机械、给排水、车辆、高速动车、电 力、牵引供变电、接触网、供电段、通信防护、智能建筑、结构、房建、环控、通信、信号、航空测量、遥感、环境评价、工程经济、控制爆破、计算机等40多个 专业。建院以来,先后荣获国家和省部级科技进步、优秀工程勘察设计、优秀软件、优秀标准设计奖400余项。其中大瑶山长大铁路隧道修建新技术获国家科技进步特等奖。徐州枢纽扩建工程编组站和相关工程、京九铁路总体设计、广深准高速设计、计算机辅助选线设计获国家优秀设计最高奖——全国优秀设计金质奖。140余个设计项目入选中国企业新纪录,目前拥有有效专利80件。

  建院近60年来,四院人始终秉承“精心设计,开拓创新,团结协作,艰苦奋斗”的精神和“报效祖国,造福国人”的信念,两个文明相互促进,协调发展,领 导班子团结有力,职工风貌日新月异,多年来连续获得湖北省优秀企业和省思想政治工作先进企业光荣称号。连续七次获得湖北省“最佳文明单位”殊荣。 


名    称:中铁第四勘察设计院集团有限公司
China Railway SIYUAN Survey and Design Group Co.,Ltd.
地    址:中国武汉武昌杨园和平大道745号
No. 745, Heping Avenue, Yangyuan, Wuhan, China

  company web site:

here comes the english version:

China Railway SIYUAN Survey & Design Group Co.,Ltd

Established in 1953 and headquartered in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China Railway SIYUAN Survey & Design Group Co., Ltd. (“SIYUAN” for short) is a large integrated survey & design group company in China. SIYUAN was subordinate to the Ministry of Railways before 2003, and is afterwards affiliated to CRCC (China Railway Construction Corporation Limited). In 2007, with the listing and restructuring of CRCC, SIYUAN became a wholly-owned subsidiary of this world Top 500 enterprise. At present, SIYUAN has more than 4,000 engineering technical personnel, including 2 state-level survey & design masters, over 2,600 senior and intermediate special technical staff, and over 700 registered engineers.
SIYUAN is a national railway investment consultation and assessment company, with its comprehensive strength in survey and design leading relevant Top 100 companies in China. It has been acknowledged as a High-tech enterprise by Hubei Province, and has been allowed to establish post-doctoral work station by the state. Besides, it has been honored with the “National May 1st Labor Award”, the award of “Advanced Collectives among Central State-owned Enterprises”, as well as the title of “Top 10 Independent Innovation Enterprises” in national survey & design field at the 60th anniversary for the founding of the People’s Republic of China.
SIYUAN is among the first companies in China boasting the integrated class-A qualifications in engineering design, with more than 20 class-A and special qualification certificates in surveying & mapping, environmental impact assessment, water resources assessment, water and soil conservation design, engineering consulting, engineering supervision, and engineering cost, etc.. SIYUAN has organized the preparation and compiling of more than 10 national and industrial codes and standards. Since its establishment, SIYUAN has built up its design brand featuring road network planning, railway junction terminal, high standard railway, complex mountain area railway, railway station building, underwater tunnel, mass rail transit, metro, bridge, weak soil foundation treatment, and environmental impact assessment, etc.. SIYUA has been awarded the national class-A design credit certificate, and has been authorized with the right for overseas business operation by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. SIYUAN follows the management system of ISO9001, SO14001, and GB/T28001, which has been audited and certified.
SIYUAN has long been a major player in the railway survey & design field in China. Over the past half century, SIYUAN has completed the survey and design works for up to 58,000km railways and over 20 large-scale railway terminals, accounting for 30% of the total survey and design works for national railway construction since the founding of P.R.C. In recent years, during the process of large-scale and high-standard railways construction, with adoption of advanced technologies, SIYUAN has undertaken the design of over 10 completed high-standard railways including Hefei-Nanjing High Speed Railway, Hefei-Wuhan High Speed Railway, Southeast Coastal Railway, Wuhan-Guangzhou High Speed Railway, Zhengzhou-Xi’an High Speed Railway, Shanghai-Nanjing High Speed Railway, Nanchang- Jiujiang Intercity High Speed Railway, Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway, Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Railway, Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway, Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hongkong Express Rail Link, Zhengzhou-Wuhan High Speed Railway, etc., with a total length of about 4700km, accounting for 67% of the newly-built high-speed railways under operation in China. Among the 13,000 km “four transverse and four longitudinal” railway skeleton network in China, 7780km or 60% of the high-speed railways are designed and surveyed or consulted by SIYUAN.
For years, with the principle of “Based on railway, face to the society; Based on China, face to the world.”, SIYUAN has been continuously developing new businesses, with its service scope expanded from simple-service of railway survey & design to multiple-services in the fields of highway, metro,mass rail transit, underwater tunnel, municipal works, high-rise buildings, airport, port, EPC, construction supervision, and so on. As a member of FIDIC, SIYUAN has undertaken the design, consultation and construction supervision works for a number of overseas projects, and has entered into cooperative relationships with well-known design and consultant companies in over 10 countries and regions for the construction consultation and bidding process of overseas projects.
SIYUAN has set up more than 40 disciplines, including engineering survey, engineering geology, hydrogeology, physical prospection, in-situ test, economic investigation, train operation, planning, route & alignment, bridge & culvert, subgrade, station yard, tunnel, locomotive, machinery, water supply & drainage, vehicles, high-speed EMUs, electric power, traction power supply and substation, overhead catenary system, power supply station, communication protection, intelligent building, structure, architecture, environmental control, communication, signal, aerial survey, remote sensing, environmental assessment, engineering economy, controlled blasting, computer & software science, etc.. Since its establishment, SIYUAN has been honored with over 400 awards at both state and provincial levels for progress in science and technology, excellent engineering survey & design, excellent software, excellent standard design, etc.. Of them, the new construction method for Dayoaoshan Mountain long-large railway tunnel has won the National Award for Progress in Science and Technology; the marshalling station and related works of Xuzhou terminal expansion project, general design of Beijing-Kowloon railway, high-speed design of Guangzhou-Shenzhen railway, and the computer-aided alignment design have won the top national award for excellent design, i.e. National Golden Award for Excellent Design. More than 140 design projects have been listed as New Records of Chinese Enterprises. At present, SIYUAN owns up to 80 effective patents.
By adhering to the enterprise spirit of “Elaborate designs, innovative deploitations, united cooperations, and hard struggles”, SIYUAN provides the clients with high quality services, aiming to march into a brighter future with a brand new image as a scientific and technological enterprise which is multi-functioned, diversified, and intellectual intensive, with sophisticated equipment and advanced technology, and market economy adapted ability.

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 Do or don't you
feel the inbalances
nestled in your confused moments?
You sense the stress
in your chest when
the airplane taxes,
with increasing speed
and rapid changes of height,
A slant is always the way
to reinforce completeness
at the term of conflicts.
It could be stress,
due dates, biases, arguments,
or things that divergent...
Life grows
behind some arbitrary losses..

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Drchrono Taps The Power Of The iPad To Bring Electronic Health Records by Forbes


Founders Kivatinos (left) and Nusimow

Update: Doctors and patients can now access health insurance information on Apple mobile products, such as the iPhone and iPod touch; and can process payments by plugging a Square Card reader. 

“We’re a non-health care company in health care,” says Michael Nusimow, chief executive of drchrono, a two-and-a half year-old Silicon Valley-based seller of electronic health records (EHRs). “We’re a tech company looking for tech solutions.” That’s a daring statement to make in front of doctors who are largely averse to anything that interferes with the time-honored practice of sitting face-to-face with a patient while holding perhaps a clipboard.

Drchrono’s goal is to take away that clipboard and place an iPad in the hands of a doctor. While competitors such as Practice Fusion also allow doctors to access EHRs on an iPad, Nusimow and co-founder Daniel Kivatinos have built their EHR specifically for the iPad. That allows them to build more features, such as speech-to-text and drawing.

Nusimow says that more than 8,000 health care professionals–practices with one to five doctors, have signed up and that number is climbing rapidly (it includes office administrators). Drchrono’s monthly plan ranges from $0 for limited features such as scheduling and email reminders, to $800 for back office stuff, such as billing and some claims processing. Not surprisingly, the majority of drchrono’s customers have opted for the free plan, but Nusimow says that “many” are upgrading to one of the paid plans–although he won’t disclose how many. Despite a largely non-paying clientele, he describes the company as being “ramen profitable”—a term apparently coined by Paul Graham, founder of start-up incubator Y Combinator, which has nurtured drchrono. It means breaking even and having enough left to eat ramen noodles–but is not saying a whole lot about the break even part.

A few things should help: In July, the government certified its EHR for “meaningful use.” As part of the HITECH Act, the government is encouraging doctors to adopt EHRs by subsidizing their purchase to the tune of $44,000 per doctor. To qualify, they must meet a set of requirements that show meaningful use.

Today, the company announced an additional feature which allows doctors to sign in patients using an iPad, and automatically integrates the information with a patient’s EHR. Drchrono has recently raised $1.3 million from billionaire Russian investor Yuri Milner’s DST Global, General Catalyst, Charles River Ventures, 500 Startups and angel investors. (Milner invested $50 million in patient scheduling start-up ZocDoc around the same time).

Nusimow and Kivatinos bring a distinctly techie background to the task. They’re both software engineers who roomed together at Stony Brook University in New York. Three years ago when his father became ill, Nusimow took time off from work at Bloomberg to accompany him to various doctors. On a visit to New York-Presbyterian, he was struck by a doctor who had his back turned to them for 20 minutes while he typed information into an EHR. Another spent 10 minutes reviewing his father’s drug list. “Technology wasn’t speeding things up; it was built like an enterprise system and the doctor was secondary,” he says. “Doctors have to ignore the patient because they’re engrossed in the technology.”

He and Kivatinos quit their jobs and started developing simple web-based applications for scheduling and billing–nothing groundbreaking. It wasn’t until January 2010, when Apple made iPad application kits available to software developers that the two started writing an iPad-based EHR. They were ready with their first version when Apple released the iPad in April of that year.

Tablets have been pitched to doctors before. A Toshiba model, for example, was 10 times more expensive and heavier, and had 10 times less battery life. That technological leap could serve as an additional impetus for doctors to use electronic health records. According to health care industry analyst Chilmark Research, close to 25% of medical providers now use the iPad.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Infinite By Michael Makowsky

The infinite knows neither bounds nor form,
Its whereabouts range from sky to worm;
The infinitesimal atom is home,
For the infinite has everywhere to roam.
It dwells in the heart as eternal silence.
And for its secret it asks no recompense;
The inhabitant's soul is its resting place
where it occupies the room of limitless space.
In the beginning it did not have an end;
Mathematicians found that it would not bend;
Someone once tried hard and gave it a name,
While Alice just called it all "a great big game."
Chasing the Great white Rabbit beneath the sod,
Humans there discover the Impersonal God,
As an intuition that "all are the same",
Lo and behold-the feeding has no name!
The infinite is like a beautiful peach,
Whose sweetness is far, far beyond speech.
O, we shall never ever know
From where it does come or where it does go.