Sunday, January 20, 2013

Obama Poem By Suz In Ox: Enjoy!

Window of courage
People looking through and seeing, find freedom
A man behind a big desk
with problems to solve and laws to make

Key of truth
Unlocking the doors of loneliness
Like a man picking wildly
at a lock that leads to glorious gold

Curious closet of comfort
Big, brilliant brain of safety
Quick, quiet and agile
Anxious cup of security
Busy as can be

House of desire
Flying across the world
Wondering what he will do next

Your job is as hard as swimming
With no arms or no legs
Highway of security


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Song From Out There

Eat your plate, it's cold dish dinner time,
Too much time is wasted on computer,
All the way from Rome to
tell tales on goats at a cisalpine hill.
Bushes, bushes.
Cattle on the run,
belch-belly cows moo,
She: why don't they let yak off the hook?
He: The sun has sealed it's mouth tight, look!