Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Fallen Hero © Janetta Allisa Hasty

Life is given as a gift,
So wonderful and new,
We need to live it day to day,
Being careful as we do,
True treasure is not found in pirate ships,
in chest of silver and gold,
treasure isn't ruby rings,
and jewels from long ago.

My treasure is you, being my hero.

Every morning I wake up and think,
did I pray for him in my sleep,
I think about you all the time,
hoping and praying you know I'm at your side.

Whenever you feel like no one is there,
just close your eyes and I'll be there,
hoping and praying each and everyday,
and leaving the bad news to yesterday.

Now all I do is think about you and cry,
I cherish all the memories that are shared,
and remember how much I love and care,
you are gone now and it's still hard to part,
For I will always think of you in my heart!


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