Friday, May 10, 2013

Love You Mom by Horacio Katherine Espinosa


 mom you are the first person I see in the morning
and the last person I see a night you were there for me
when I was scared an when I was sad you told me to hold my head up
high and don’t let let the ground see me cry, mom I just really love you
there is no other way I can put it but I love you, to me you are as like a
bright an blooming star who leads me where I must go to tell me what is
right when tears began to came at your eyes I said mommy I am here
and you always began to smile an we laughed together Mom. When i
see you only you could make me smile like no one else could. Mom I
never want to see you cry.I made mistakes but you understand
an take my hand just as a mother can. Mom if I only had three words to say they
would be I Love you Mom.