Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Poetry Form - Calligrame

Memories wrapped in scented rhymes,
they all ring in a synchronous chime,
when sets down the golden sun,
I realize life has just begun.

Monday, June 10, 2013

For Our Daughters by Mouse Droppings


Let them call us bitches, banshees
or even feminists!
Speak out!
Scream out!
or our daughters lose out 

Teach them
that their bodies are beautiful
as they are
They don’t need to be cut on, pumped up, or sucked out
Teach them
that they can say “no”
to anyone who tries to hurt them
lie to them
guilt them
into acquiescence
Teach them
about the people
who want to steal
their rights to their own bodies
and to keep fighting for what is theirs

Teach them
never to be complacent
or they will lose
what they thought couldn’t be lost
Teach them
not to hide their intelligence
even though it makes some men uncomfortable
It’s not their job
to make everyone feel comfortable
Teach them 
to stand up for powerless
to protect each other
to accept those who are different
to love whomever they want
but to love themselves first
Teach them
to keep speaking their truth
even if people say they are wrong
until they are heard
Teach them
to HOWL.