Thursday, February 27, 2014



Sir is teaching to the ears, the eyes,
And what’s within the brain,
Struggling, pulling all together –
Transduction reconstituted.

Jibber-jabber clutters, judders thought
Inside the daydreams of lotus-eaters –
Hangovers heavy on the head
Of night-lagged teens
Stuck inside the outside of school,

Where the first-time experience
Whets the young skin,
Tweaks the consciousness,
Enlightens, challenges,
Pleases, tantalises,
Tempts, plays, dares,
Calls for more –
No care of risk
Flaring for the flesh –
Experimental worlds
Warming up to adulthood.

But here they sit atop the greyness –
Plastic platforms –
Stagnant sound waves pounding
The young mind under lesson,

They tolerate, wait their time.

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2012

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  1. of course, struggling to survive is a bridge to the other side of the life.