Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jack Fancy, Jill Herzig, and Pat Quinn Alike Notes

Peter Constantin, Jerry Bona, David Dummit, Ning Ju, Yanqiu Wang, Engler Hans,
University of Berkeley at San Francisco, University of Vermont, University of Chicago, 
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Math Time, Notice, National Science Foundation,
Advanced mix with standard, remember H. E. Bible, Qinxue Wang, and Ken Gann.

Cynthia Francisco and Magor Asgari might not agree, but media and efforts count,
Pay attention to Oceansans, Malloy Inc., Times Roman, Primes, Polynomials, Integers,
Fractions, Ima Hogg's Texas concert and Sonato Notes,  The Campus newspaper,
Galois Theory, module Theory, Groups, subgroups, Homomorphism, Isomorphism..

Not all people enjoy concrete subject, so we shall visit stores outdoor,  Tilly's, Coach, Nine West,
Vera Bradley, Sarku Japan, Ghost Armor, Helzberg Diamonds, Pepperoni Grill, J's Hallmark,
Microsoft, Quick Repair, L's Occitane, Mei Li Travel Agency, Brow Art, Anita Lee,
Backstop, Cajun Cafe, Lolli and Pops, Teavana, Dell Venue 8 Pro, Regina Roberts, All Pets,

We use products every second, either at home or at work,
Thus, realize them and make them shine: big and Mini Jambox, Men's Wearhouse,
Boaldin Eye Care, Johnson-Johnson Reach Mint Waxed Floss, Sweden Cheese,
Know about Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Susan Wojciski, Robin Li, Yansheng Bai, chad Hurley,
Backrub Googol, Indian Dance and OSU Culture night, Lady Gaga and French Fries.

Poets write poetry, but poetry involves life, mood, food, career, and places...thus, keep it up,
Bijaylaxmi, Steve Federle, Catie Williams-Hancock Robinson, Lovely Annie, Amanda, Leo,
Jamie Dedes, Uma, Infamous, Jilian, Life in verse, Robin, Jocobshen, Terri, Ava, Kavita, Aleza,
Bill Cook, Rikka Infinitty, Someone Is Special, Wordwand, William Manson, Viola, Lord Ibok

Computer engineering and programing is vital today for those who strive to stay on top in tech,
Georgia University of Technology, Virginia Tech, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
McCormick School of engineering at NU, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, 
First class engineers and students are all  over the US,
Ask Julia Watson, Ani Ajithe, Erik Zorn, Noah Star, Rafael Henriquez, Anna Kottenstette,
Sofia Sami, Noah Kane, Kevin Harris, Sarah Brock, Sheng Wu, Alex van Atta, Petros Karahalios..

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