Sunday, June 15, 2014

Julio Mario Ottino

For a more complete biographical information see ArtScience: Creativity in the post-Google Generation.

Julio M. Ottino's academic resume is available here.
Ottino reviewed two biographies of Henri Poincaré in the October 2013 issue of Physics Today.
Ottino and Mark Mills coauthored an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on January 30. Read "The Coming Tech-Led Boom"
Ottino recently spoke to IBM about the importance of "whole-brain thinking" at THINK: A Forum on the Future of Leadership. See the video.
Ottino was recently profiled in the leadership series Let Go and Lead. You can see his profile here.
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Stillwater High School, A Perfect Owl!

Gordon, Uwe - Principal     
Howell, Walter - Director of Assessment & Accountability     
McClain, Frank - Assistant Principal     
Barnard, Tucker - Athletic Director     
Spencer, Nancy - Assistant Principal     

Erisman, Robert
Harris, Jimmy
Hoffman, Sue Ann
Webber, Jason
Wright, Melody
Hromas, Kathi
White, Michael
Zamborsky, Lindy
Chapman, Brad
Ferguson, Brenda
Rogers, William
Schaefer, Scott
Stellman, Fran
Dawson, Debbie
Gilman, Jeree
Mills, Allisyn
Moore, Ashley
Taylor, Josh
Treat, Shandi
White, Jennifer
Fine Arts
Ayers, Dana
Bovenschen, Tricia
Davis, Curtis
Ellison, Eileen
Goebel, Kurt
Hendrix, Michelle
Jackson, Scott
Larios, Lisa
Parker, Joey
Treat, Shandi
Zamborsky, Kevin
Foreign Language
Coca, Stephanie
Deveny, Eivi
Gipson, Joanna
Gonzalez, Victor
Grant, Tommie
Hesler, Larry
Johnson, Laura
League, Kendra
Porter, Michael
Stephens, Clay
Thomas, Mark
Weaver, John
Worley, Trent
Carter, Cherie
Chesbro, Doug
Griggs, Crystal
Hughes, Jeremy
Richardson, Traci
Treat, Carl
West, David
Zeroski, Dan
Social Studies
Atkins, Rusty
Carley, Jason
Grant, Paul
Haines, Pamela
Hix, Paul
Parker, Connie
Wichert, Jerry
Special Ed
Belcheff, LuAnn
Davis, Amber
Davis, Michael
Edmonston, Richelle
Eick, Melanie
Johnson, Christina
Johnson, Robin
Kane, Kim
Kifer, Melisa
McLean, Cheri
Montgomery, Teresa