Wednesday, January 21, 2015

the blame game to myself

i blame myself, and grit my teeth a lot,
and knowing what I assume you shall not follow,
because any errors occurred to me
shall not be a curse to you,
when I smile and forgive myself,
that's the good manner you shall recall,
i share knowledge,
expecting your happiness at ease,
upon the fair treatment you grace.

Hyde Park Poetry

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Macallister Bogue, Benji Wojin and Alexis Martin

Alexis Martin

Macallister Bogue,  Benji Wojin and Alexis Martin,
they go to a park for picnic,
their parents plan for a March break in Austin,
Bogue, Wojin, and Martin almost go panic.

it's Spring in California,
It's Winter in Minisota,
It's Summer in Australia,
It's fall in Russia and Georgia.

Seasons differ at the same time in various locations,
These lucky kids wish to escape school on fair occasions,
 but their parents refuse to tell them their decisions,
thus an angle takes them to see prince George Alexander Louis for royal lessons.

a dream is framed with fame,
children grow anxious about their mom and dad's game,
a game of names and products,
which will take them to facebook, twitter, yahoo, google, apple pc, etc. no odds.

AGE 2: Macallister Bogue

Spelling. Are you looking for sergey agin or sergey tyrin ?

Friday, January 2, 2015

2012 Medill Equal Project Recall

Edwin Rios, Cally,
Camille Beredjick, Gabe,
Medill Equal NU.
of 2012, Ashley says,
Celeste Mora is good editor,
Douglas Foster agrees.
Caiola, Ferro, Wu,
Ahmed, Wichter, Jakola,
Janik, Feeney, Springen
a past memory,
hands  on experiences win,
students write to learn