Monday, February 9, 2015

Maccmillan Sourcebooks

it is about major changes in a student
who seems too average to succeed school,
yet too normal to be excluded,
yes, chloe spinaker has one friend: Natalie Richards.
Chloe Spinaker often blames herself for her weak grades,
God knows that she is ok with us;
then, one day, when Chloe dozes off in Maggie Study Hall,
She finds herself in a huge hall near a snow mountain valley.
a fantastic place,
Chloe feels very good about people and books,
Half a year has passed,
Chloe becomes popular, despite that
she has lost her memory of Natalie Richards.
To go back to be ordinary?
or stay on current stage of achievement and confusion?
As Chloe intends to do whatever it takes to know what's going on?
she ends up in a mood of mixed reaction upon renewed satisfaction.
to grow is to transform,
to improve is to deny and
go for wider platform.