Monday, April 13, 2015

Koji Time News: nu act for peace 1938

Sarah pritchard,
Carlos Terrazas,
Stephen Strachan,
They dig history for real.
There is topless cellist Moorman,
There is EX Libris Award winner Gary Strawn,
Removing dust from charles deering McCormick bookshelves,
We also see Daniel Linzer's trans-formative remarks.
Nu's Act for Peace week in 1938 tops the paper cover,
for Cage collection,
We see Glenn Freeman, OgreOgress Production
And Abigail Sebaly, independent researcher.
Koji time news,
Both Fortune and Karma,
Kansas Science museum,
Kids Kingdom gymnastics drama.
Alyssa Cottle, undergraduate star for Occidental College.
what dancing feet,
when it comes to Morton Feldman,
and Merce Cunningham
and read their notes
from Minneapolis' Walker Art Center.
Nu footnote,
Nu history,
Nu collection,
Nutrition knowledge with refreshing Dawn-fiza-perfection.

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