Monday, April 27, 2015

woolworth and loathnoel

when it is come to W,
we think of Wa, Wi, Wo, We, Wu,
a wream comes true.
when you write for W,
you must consider M, U, N,
a world of monuments and unique notables,
that makes sense to woolworth and loathnoel.
W is the opposite of M,
U is the upside down of N,
if washington and winington combines,
west and wast go wuuhuu...
something is wrong
when no place works
and nowhere to go to
which is the worst case for what we calls wheatburn.
the weather is wet,
the table is set,
the words speak itself,
the walmart shoppers have stopped feeling imperfect.
you wonder about wung and vong,
she thinks of mang and long,
he votes for Pha and Fa,
she agrees with Chu and Ju...