Saturday, May 9, 2015

I See Epson on TV

i see epson on tv,
i read canon in norway.
i hang McCormick T-shirt on Dell PC,
I book Duffer and Hanna House hotel from Mozilla Conway.
I write places on wide-ruled pages,
I eat Quizino sandwiches at Microtel lounges.
i order Fiberglass 24x24x1 Panel Filter from Greenwood, Indianna,
I crack up at Knock, Knock jokes when reading Yoshimoto Banana.
i am promoted at Barns & Noble, Amazon, and Ebay,
I am grateful to Jeff Bezos, Kathleen Donnelly, Stephen Zollo, Jean Soper, and Bob Young days.
i chew Wrigley's Juicy Fruit Gum,
i frame Lynn morgan, Shannon Gorbet, Trent Swason, Molly Haddox, Sue Dick, and Todd Holm.
i swallow insults in pain,
I emit peaceful poetry in vain.

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