Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Yunnan University

you yawn for yolk daily,
young donkey plays yo yo,
youth orchestra camp recruits first class musicians,
oyo at ocu stands strong and promising.
when you ignore a young man,
he is not entitled to give positive comment,
seek ymail and read yahoo,
ride on Yamaha motorcycle and say YES to Yale graduate.
sail along yalu river,
take snapshots along yangtze canal,
yell at those who swim naked,
visit yunnan university for a yummy experience.
yes, you do what you agree,
yes, you yield to your own authority,
do recall Yuan Juanming and Yuan Yu yearly,
give a go to Quansen Jiu and Baoquan Yuan...


  1. Yup, a beautiful place. We were in China for three weeks and did most tourist things. Cruised the Yantze and sailed the big lake with the limestone peaks, went to the minor city, saw the stone men, walked the Wall, rode on a canal all afternoon, took a train, a few planes, ended with three days in Hong Kong.
    But we missed Yunnan U.
    Oh yes, ate like fools, lots of good Chinese food including getting stuffed sampling at a dumpling factory.

  2. Very clever use of "Y" words!