Monday, May 2, 2016

posting, the catching up team work and fine thoughts, poetry rally week 83, short story slam week 43

Eggplant and Gong Bao chicken
my favorite Beijing dish

Beef noodle and Dutch egg drops
my special one from Vietnam

Papa John's pizza and Long John Silver hush browns
my childhood love

Chinese Language School of Lansing,
My friends call me Dandan Wu, my parents call me Chunfeng Kong

Dallas Zoo, Princeton Cross Road preschool,
I am a lion king, who dresses up grin, and shine

Chang Cheng Language Chinese School,
Austin, I know Jing Li, Eaphy Mao, Oliver Li, Shirley Duan, Susan Dou

Skyline Elementary School,
I get to know Chria Raun, Braxton Noble, Belinda Mao, Sabrina Schroeder, Jennifer Rylan

Back at Silicon Valley Middle School,
I make friends with Neel Rao, Trenton Passmore, Jiaxin Tan, William Kim, and Guan Yang

Despite that my brother is Frank  Lu, my Cousin is Steve Tu,
I enjoy my sister Tommy Peng, and my friend Sheng Wu

a friend called Xiaojun Huang and Huaqin Wu speak,
they send me to a music camp with Theresa Kirby, Kathleen Guarino, and Dan Little

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