Thursday, June 23, 2016

short story slam week 47, july 4th in outer space


short story slam week 47, comfortable faith (june 23, to july 10, 2016) 

princeton business
wawa welcomes american holiday

philadelphia, newwark, scranton, marywood,
ladies and gentlemen enjoy Wei, Zhang, Kent, Johnson, D. P.

Boomer lake
the large Bill goat ice cream cup is icy and sweet

Lake Michigan.
Chicago residents walk all the way from Hyde Park to see Firework display

Beijing Tongchou, next to Yun canal,
Yogurt and Soda bottles fill you with bubbles and fancy

Sherri Jacobs from Press-Leader, Fredrick seems informative,
She features Randy Beutler and SWOSU foundation

Garrett King does mind Americans,
especially those who seem benign, kind, conservative, and strict

to consider Peter Constantin, Katleen Applegate, Chris Christie, Liz Lempert,
we vote for Matt Moran, Eric Steinkoff, Jennifer Grice, Dan Griffin, Haley Hoover

I choose not to laugh at this spinning wheels,
I choose to relax, and let the universe rotate, spin, and always exist for free

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