Monday, August 15, 2016

Sunday Whirligig, Short Story Slam Week 50

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Cape May, New Jersey
a weird tree
twistered brooklyn, clashing

casket cast shadow,
italian hewn misspelled by tanning hands

doors open for all men

a baby on august 13,
San Francisco and Henry Adams

sometimes they go Memphis, 
other times they go Nashville

Vanderbilt university refuses to speak,
Lottie Jane Mabee adores all women

Barbara Byod, a past friend,
Samurfz Williamson Roberts, a new blood

Anne and Lucinda join,
Kathleen and Mimi think of that Dustin Putin

David, Lisa, Dale, Alan, Chris, Ben, Robert, Julia, Sandy, Amelia, and Jill speak,
I hear Ashley Biden, Olivia Kong, Taozhi Zhu, Burns Hargis, and Ann Alspach
Whirligig 72 

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

sunday shadow

indoor kookaburra...
indoor kookubura
a bird with long bills
outdoor sparrow
a small ball with short legs
a shadowry figure could upset
a sunny brook could unsettle
a fix point is a peak point
a moving dot is a swimming fish
time flows day andnight
earth rotates from west to east
I spend my day counting, 
what is the reason a sunset is not sad, a dawn crow is not promising
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Image result for indoor kookaburra  

Image result for indoor kookaburra 
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