Wednesday, September 28, 2016

short story slam week 53, divorcing is not better, freedom shall win over

divorcing is not better, freedom shall wins over
according to Lynn Todler,
on case of Walter Willis and Gloria Willis

one is religious,
one is free bird,
they fly both north and south

two children shall be the reason for a family
J. D. Henneberry and Austin Mitchell help Sheng Wu,
Eric Wood and David Georgia back up Tom Leigha Wood

passing Babcock park, Matt Field baseball field,
we eat snacks from Aspen
and have fun with Great Wall, Philip 66, Braums

forgiven by Cintas and Grimsley,
finding Remax, Salon Level 7, and Sushi house,
Oaktree daycare has wisdom on Henryetta and Amulet

lazy times
Sarah Bie and Hannah Bie entertain Peter Constantin
Liz Lepert, D. P., Netral, and Ramjee sharma wish to rise

Tao Lizheng from Illinois swears with Shuiling liu,
Jerry Bona, Hongqiu Chen, and Sean Yen calm down,
Diane Chen, Sandy Wright, Lisa Storm, Elizabeth White, they fine tune their cello strings

Eric Wu, Justin Wu, Glecia Enrich, Ben Loper, they differ,
Grace Lu, Wavely Wang, Abbey Wood, Rena Brother, they study
Emily Michaelak, Michelle Tang, Barack Xu, Joseph Gong, Jill Yan, white house thrill

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The People's Court
Reality show
A judge hears small-claims cases in this series that served as a template for several similar courtroom series. The litigants in the case agree to drop their lawsuits and have the case heard on the show. Since the show is not a real courtroom, the decision is simply binding arbitration the litigants… More
Judges: Joseph Wapner (1981–1993), Ed Koch (1997–1999), Jerry Sheindlin (1999–2001), Marilyn Milian (2001–)